How To Have A Successful Jewelry Home Party

07/03/2014 11:47

Jewelry home parties are very interesting and successful ways of selling jewelry. Whether you are a designer looking to establish your own brand or simply selling downstream for a jewelry manufacturer, these parties are the best way of direct selling pieces to interested customers.

Many experts consider these parties to be the best places for selling jewelry. In fact, these occasions offer the best ROI for all events. A home party is over in mater of hours and the outcome could be hundred of dollars in direct sale. However, the most important outcome of these parties is connection and network building with potential customers who will remember your brand the next time they are looking to buy a piece.

One of the simplest tips of having a successful jewelry party is to allow customers to sample the pieces thoroughly. Let them check out the pieces, wear them and compare with the pieces they already have. This constant exposure will perk up their interest and encourage them to buy.

Many jewelry party companies operate on an interesting model that minimize their expenses and ensure that they reap good profits and customer goodwill from the events.

These companies host the event at the residence of a hostess who is not a regular employee of the company. She is responsible for contacting the neighbors, sending out invitations, welcoming the guest, showing them the inventory and answering their questions.

As the party runs its course, the guests sample the various pieces and buy what they like. The hostess collects the payments on behalf of the company. Once the party is over, she hands over any unsold inventory and money to the company. The company in return pays her the full costs of hosting the part and discounts for several pieces.

This model has been adopted by many brands who could not afford to maintain their presence outside of a specific location. The idea of jewelry parties mean that the companies could do business in areas without any expenses for physical presence. The only expenses are for the hosting of the party that is often covered by the sale of pieces.

The success of the party depends upon the skill of the hostess. It is therefore important to choose the hostess with care. Jewelry party companies often select experiences salespersons as their host because of their experience in sales and customer care. However, the general rule in the industry now is to hire hostesses with great people skills. These people usually have an extensive connections and an ability to convince people.

Several companies run hostess training programs to build up their sales network. These programs require only modest fees and investment of time. In return, the company provides excellent discounts, free pieces of jewelry and complete reimbursement of costs of the party.

Jewelry selling parties have become quite popular with both the companies and the customers. For eth companies, thee parties are an inexpensive way of selling directly to customers. For the customers, these parties offer a chance to meet new people, and buy great looking pieces directly from the vendor.